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Hi, welcome to Keith World. This is designed, or bodged by me, Keith (what a coincidence) and is basically just a way of showing and sharing photos and various internet related info with family and friends.



This is me by the way!



Cala Magraner, Mallorca, Easter 2005.                                                  Almost holding onto the Sunset!

(Actually ready to leap to action in saving a fall, honest!)

  Chillin’ and looking semi-gormless                                           Er…..wearing a coat and rucksack (Dakine)





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Work Information

Job Title

Retired Wok Salesman

Key responsibilities

To refrain from selling Woks.


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Personal Interests

*      Climbing

*      Snowboarding


Here’s my new snowboard, woo hoo! It now has stickers, and lots of chips and gouges!



*      Eating cheese, cake, or Ben’s Gran’s Jam

*      Drinking coffee



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Favourite Links


These are various links that have either made me laugh, tasted nice or are related to one of my many faddy hobbies.


Coffee and Food:

*      HasBean Coffee Shop

*      theespressoguide

*      www.cheese.com

*      Egg Bacon Chips and Beans



Sports and Outdoors:

*      Planet Fear, Rockfax, offwidth.co.uk, ukclimbing

*      the tower climbing centre

*      Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Climbing

*      Ray Mears Homepage

*      Simply Scuba

*      Saltrock, Billabong, Quiksilver, Ripcurl

*      Wicked Campers!!

*      Burton Snowboards

*      Rome Snowboards

*      Snow and Rock, Cotswold, Ellis-Brigham

*      snowboardclub.co.uk

*      firetoys...juggling shop :-)






Music and Films:

*      BLOC Party, The Killers, Scissor Sisters


*      Pandora....Online jukebox/ personalized radio station


*      allthelyrics


*      Shambala Festival  Was a really cool weekend, some pics in the gallery. It is supposed to be a back the roots of Glastonbury type hippy festival.


*      Pilot to Gunner


*      curb60


We met Dave from Curb60 in a club near Cocoa Beach, Florida USA. Since we had been almost stalking him and the lovely Jen for the few days before he kindly donated some 8 track CD’s to get rid of us.  They were actually pretty cool, probably be a photo in the gallery when I find one.


Pets and Animals:


This is what I am going to have as a pet when I sort my house out:


*      Hermit Crabs



Computer related stuff:


*      Tech-PC.co.uk

*      NOT PRON an online riddle/puzzle…..try it…..

*      Mum and Dad's Company useful if you want to design and build engines!!

*      Burnished Designs - Rebecca and Sians Jewellery site!!!!






Links that are just Brilliant:


*      Ninja!!!!!!!

*      Dumb Things

*      Chuck Norris Facts

*      tv.cream.org toys

*      Steven Seagal's lightning bolt energy drink

*      Angry Alien





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Keith's Picture Gallery


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Ben Martin




Gallery Folders

Nepal with Kam Xmas 2000

California Camper Trip with Ben and Kam 2003

Bens California Pictures 2003

Chamonix Snowboarding March2004 (Bens pictures)

Orlando Conference March2004

Easter 2004

French Moto GP with Kam (Le Mans) May 2004

Mums Birthday 2004

Luke racing May 2004

Agde Eze South of France July 2004

Loughborough July 2004

Luke Birthday Aug 2004

Work Picnic Aug 2004

Climbing 9th Oct 2004

Paris 15-18th Oct 2004

Winter odds n ends 2004

Xmas Party 15th Dec 2004

Xmas Meal 22nd Dec 2004

New Year 2005

Winter Walking in Wales with Eliot and Don 2005

Earl Sterndale Cottage Weekend Feb 2005

Cartagena Spain Weekend March 2005

Mallorca Climbing with Phil and Jonathan Easter 2005

Fowey Weekend 13-16th May 2005

West Midlands Safari Park 30th May 2005

West Midlands Safari Park 2

London 3-5th June 2005

Wales Walking Weekend 17-19th June 2005

Helen and Emma Cowboy Party July 16th2005

Shambala Weekend 12th-15th August 2005

San Francisco 2-13 September 2005

San Francisco Folder 2 2-13 September 2005

Basel 23-26 September 2005

October 2005

Biocentre Xmas Do 2005

Karen and Rob's Tour of Australia

St Anton Snowboarding 2006

February 2006

Anglesey + Flaine April 2006

Easter 2006 Keith Pics

Aberglaslyn Hall Weekend

Clares Aberglaslyn Pics

Ticino Canyoning Ben's Website

Montalto, Italy July 2006





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